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Flexible Graphite Gaskets

Graphite (Graphoil®) moulded Rings are made from pure graphite containing no binder or fillers. Graphite Gaskets can be made to any size, shape, profile as per Drawing from Sheets. These may be from


  • Plain Flexible Graphite
  • Sheet / Foil insert
  • Tanged Sheet insert
  • Sheet / Foil insert
  • Tanged Sheet insert
  • Sheets / Gaskets with Metal insertion of SS 304 / SS 316 / GI
  • Wire Mesh in Stainless Steel / Carbon steel.


The Graphite Gaskets are specially designed to provide the desired compression with high percentage recovery and low creep relaxation. Seals the minutest imperfections – Effective and excellent Sealing.


  • High Temperature Resistance : -200 deg C to 600 deg C (+3000C in non-oxidizing areas)
  • High Chemical Resistance : PH 0-14 · High Pressure Resistance : Upto 1000 PSI
  • High Cross Section Density : 1.6 gm/mm (For Moulded Rings) depending on design Upto 12000PSI for metallic Gaskets


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