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Expanded PTFE Gaskets or Joint Sealant

We manufacture Expanded PTFE gaskets from Expanded PTFE sheets, which are made by using special process that produces a uniform & highly fibrillated micro structure with a fibres running in multi directional strength. The lubricity creep & cold flow directs the possibility of blow out. Salient Features :

  • Can seal uneven damaged flanges.
  • Resist all chemicals except melted alkali metal, fluorine at liquid and gas states.
  • Good flexibility
  • Compressibilty-66% (ASTM-F36)
  • Recovery - 16% (ASTM - F36)
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Material: 100% Pure PTFE, produced in an expanded microporous structure.
  • Temperature : -240 c to + 270 C (for short bursts + 310.C)
  • pH range : 0 - 14 pH except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine
  • Pressure : 3000 PSI (210 BAR)


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