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PTFE Gasket

Gasket Industries is a leading PTFE Gasket Manufacturers, Suppliers, Providers, Traders, Wholesalers , Manufacturing Company in Mumbai, in Navi Mumbai, in Thane, in India. PTFE Gaskets have been designed in accordance with national and international industry standards, using high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology. We supply different types of PTFE Gasket in Mumbai, in Navi Mumbai, in Thane, in India. we have the best quality with ISO certified products. We, Gasket Industries manufacture a broad range of PTFE Gasket for industrial usage that works even in the most stringent conditions.
With a temperature range of -400°F to 500°F, PTFE has outstanding dielectric characteristics and provides great thermal insulation. Most corrosive liquids, vapors, and gases have no effect on PTFE, which is the most chemically resistant material known. PTFE is often available in thicknesses ranging from.002′′ to.250′′ thick and meets FDA and AMS requirements, making it suitable for use in the medical and food sectors.

Application and Uses of PTFE Sheet Gaskets

  • Food and Food Processing Industry
  • Pharma Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Laboratories
  • Heavy Machinery Industry

Features of PTFE Sheet Gaskets

  • Can seal uneven damaged flanges
  • Resist all chemicals except melted alkali metal, fluorine at liquid and gas states
  • Good flexibility
  • Compressibilty-66% (ASTM-F36)
  • Recovery - 16% (ASTM - F36)
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Material: 100% Pure PTFE, produced in an expanded microporous structure
  • Temperature : -240 c to + 270 C (for short bursts + 310.C)
  • pH range : 0 - 14 pH except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine
  • Pressure : 3000 PSI (210 BAR)

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