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Compressed Non Asbestos Jointing

Gasket Industries is a leading Compressed Non Asbestos Jointing Manufacturers, Suppliers, Providers, Traders, Wholesalers, Manufacturing Company in Mumbai, in Navi Mumbai, in Thane, in India. Compressed Non Asbestos Jointing have been designed in accordance with national and international industry standards, using high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology. We supply different types of Compressed Non Asbestos Jointing in Mumbai, in Navi Mumbai, in Thane, in India. we have the best quality with ISO certified products. We, Gasket Industries manufacture a broad range of Compressed Non Asbestos Jointing for industrial usage that works even in the most stringent conditions. We, at Gasket Industries, create a wide selection of non-asbestos compressed jointing for industrial use that performs even under the most demanding situations. We make a variety of jointing sheets for high, medium, low, and low – pressure, temperature, and acidic situations.

Non-asbestos is compressed for a variety of industrial applications, including medium-pressure steam, gases, water, and dilutes chemicals. Non-asbestos jointing gasket sheet squeezed with aramid fiber and NBR has the following properties. It has a high level of oil resistance in general. They're also suitable for applications that need them to come into touch with water, gasoline, or natural gas. As a result, non-asbestos jointing gaskets can be found in air compressors, diesel engines, pipelines, and a variety of other industrial and maritime applications.

Product Features -:

  • Good adaptability and durability, good sealing, no delamination, high yield.
  • An economical sealing gasket and exhaust, manifold gasket material.
  • Good oil-resistance.

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